AcceleDev principles Charlie lewis & Gu Xiao Feng accept J&J’s/ Janssen Pharmaceutical’s 2014 Outstanding R&D achievement award.


AcceleDev was founded in April 2003 by Charlie Lewis, a former process research and development chemist at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. Since that time, Acceledev has built-up and further strengthened its comprehensive set of R&D, production and supply chain assets, located in both China and USA. This build-up includes both significant investment and key partnerships, which greatly strengthened the overall operations and broadened our capabilities. Some of these include AcceleDev R&D Co. Ltd in 2007, cGMP regulatory starting material production site Seagate-AcceleDev in 2010, and most recently our new USA research facility in 2012. In addition to these, we also continue to maintain our long term strategic integrated partnerships which give our customers an even wider range of supply flexibility. Each of our sites has a unique set of chemistry, analytical, and operations capabilities. Our customers deeply appreciate the range of options given to them. AcceleDev core expertise is in the design, development and production of multistep synthetic pathways to unique and diverse wide range of chemical molecules. Our multinational US and China teams allow us to maximize all the advantages which can be gained from both regions. Our mission is simple: Provide high quality product on time, & cost-effectively, while also holding in highest regard our customer's need for responsive and regular communication.

What we do

AcceleDev offers a myriad of professional chemical services, including research and development, commercial production, and chemical supply. Our clients primarily include large & small pharmaceutical & biotech companies, but also extends into other related industries as well. In keeping with our stellar record of service, our scientists can create or optimize reaction pathways to complicated molecules, and then produce them on any scale. We have an extensive and wide range of in-house chemistry technology, and the support of a strong, strategic raw material sourcing engine. These capabilities allow our customers' important programs to run more quickly and under far reduced risk. To learn more about our unique combination of services, please visit our services page.

Who we are

AcceleDev's highly trained PhD & BS scientists & project managers have decades of cumulative experience in the US & China pharmaceutical industry. This integrated mix of personnel & experience also ensures that no valuable information is lost in translation. Our creativity & problem solving skills give us a major advantage over our competition. Our own sites are well equipped to support any new development program, and we also have additional well-positioned affiliations and partnerships that further expand our analytical and manufacturing capabilities, without increasing our low cost base.

What we stand for

The AcceleDev organization and core facilities operate at the highest level of industry standards, gaining the formal approval of many top 10 major western pharmaceutical companies. We are committed to continuing to maintain & exceed these high standards in every way. In addition, our customers place their trust in us and in our ability to effectively manage their programs and intellectual property. We are bound by this trust and consider it to be among our most important duties. These are among our most important core operating principles.

Why We're Unique

Every Step.

AcceleDev's scientists and facilities support the full chemical production pipeline, from process design and development to pilot and full-scale commercial production. We can help clients at any step, to devise or refine a synthesis, to scale up an existing process, and to manufacture and ship a commercial chemical product, helping you avoid the extra risk and time loss that come from multiple project transfers. With AcceleDev, you don't need any other supplier.

Rapid, Constant Communication.

AcceleDev prides itself on transparency and responsiveness from the moment we recieve a request until the project is sucessfully finished. All requests for a quote are given serious consideration and answered quickly, typically within 1-3 days' time. Once we begin working together, we are always available to discuss refinement of an active project to meet new targets. We work openly and are highly committed to regular and professional communication.