May 6, 2015: Formal award ceremony held by Johnson & Johnson / Janssen. AcceleDev is presented with Janssen's most prestigious annual award: "The Research & Development Excellence Award". AcceleDev also receives additional award for "Production Site Excellence" at our Haimen cGMP regulatory starting material approved site. This award recognizes our commitment to continuous improvement in the areas of Quality Assurance & Environment Health and Safety.

January 1, 2014: Our highly unique supply management platform, serving mainly as a China sourcing and supplier qualification management tool, reached a milestone of accumulating a broad range of information on 25,000 unique molecules and 9,000 Chinese suppliers. This is a result of the team's daily dedication and effort towards establishing such a valuable and accurate tracking mechanism.

May 15, 2013: AcceleDev receives commercial approval and primary supply status from long-standing big pharma partner for their billion dollar API Hepatitis C key 22-step regulatory starting material.

March 2012: Seagate-AcceleDev Haimen audit results in the successful approval for making GMP-like pharmaceutical "Regulatory Starting Materials".

Jan 2012: AcceleDev establishes a new Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, USA Laboratory in order to expand its support of Pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry and process innovation (design and optimization).

May 15, 2010: The successful launch and expansion of the Haimen cGMP regulatory starting material approved production site, successfully increased the production capacity in Haimen & thus allowing for the profitable sale of AcceleDev’s Lianyungang production site.

Nov 1, 2009: China based pilot and commercial scale chemistry production operations expanded in Jiangsu (Haimen City).

May 15, 2009: AcceleDev R&D Co Ltd opened its new state of the art 1200m2 Nanjing research and development facility. The site officially started operations, specializing in the areas of process chemistry (research and optimization).

July 1, 2007: Through its established partnerships, AcceleDev performed its first Pharmaceutical cGMP API FTE development program and also its first commercial API production campaign for one of its top 5 Innovator pharma partners.

March 1, 2007: AcceleDev R&D Co Ltd. was formally established as an expansion of our China R&D capabilities.

Dec 1, 2006: AcceleDev Lianyungang, a new 33,000m2 China production site, completed construction and started operations.

2003 - 2005: AcceleDev established 3 formal MSA partnerships with 4 of the top 10 largest western pharmaceutical companies. This in-turn led to significant growth in all areas of R&D, production & supply chain management to ensure & solidify supply to our core partners.

March 1, 2003: AcceleDev formally established in New Jersey, USA.