Nanjing Technology Park.

Chinese R&D Labs and Facilities

Our R&D operations in China are composed of four independent sites and more than 50 PhD and BS chemists. These sites each include pilot and full scale commercial production operations, allowing us the ability to proceed and scale every process from mg to multi-MT, quickly and seamlessly. Each site is well established, with each employing between 150 and 400 personnel. Each is also situated in special Industrial parks, following all the local and national rules and regulations. Also, each has a unique set of chemistry and operational expertise, as well as a range of reactor sizes and processing capacity. As a whole, these closely tied operations complement each other and give our customers a robust network of capability. This affords us the advantage of being able to meet nearly any chemistry, cost, or regulatory requirement. If you would like more detailed information about any of our sites, please ask. We welcome the opportunity to share this with you at any time.

Below is a description of one of our R&D sites.

AcceleDev Nanjing R&D Co Ltd.

3rd Floor, Building J4, No. 15 Wanshou Road
Pukou Economy Development Zone, Nanjing City, China 211800

General Overview

This new state of the art facility completed construction and started operations in May 2009. The purpose behind its design was to have premier facility capable of easily and efficiently handing the unique requirements of a routine flow of sophisticated/ and diverse 10-20 step pharmaceutical synthesis processes. The working space is 1,200m2. Some of its special features include four large isolated kilo-lab suites, a hydrogenation suite (multiple set-ups), and chromatography area.

Both air temperature and humidity are highly controlled to protect both our chemists and sensitive reactions. This gives our team a major advantage over most of our other competitors in China. Currently we have a team of 15 very experienced chemists on-site, including all levels (PhD, MS, and BS). The interview process is carefully managed and very selective. Our team is comprised of both western and Native China chemists, educated from the area's best schools including Nanjing University, Beijing University and China Pharmaceutical University, etc. Several are located within 30 minutes’ drive from our lab.

Our chemists have access to the full range of analytical and literature searching tools, in order to ensure that the best process is designed and efficiently developed. All personnel are also thoroughly trained on the concepts of western project confidentiality expectations, and our employment requirements strictly re-enforce these same expectations. Fortunately we also have a natural confidentiality benefit, due to our site being not being located in Shanghai, & instead in Nanjing.

Project Scope

We work both under price per kilo contracts and in FTE arrangements. Our typical project involves 5-15 chemistry steps, designed by our team or provided by our customers. We can design and develop to proof of concept, and/or optimize and scale-up into batch sizes of milligram to multi-kilo. Early step large scale intermediates can be produced in one of our kilo lab suites or instead in our larger scale production sites. Our chemists are highly skilled in both the art of design and process improvement.

On-site stability chambers.

On-site analytical.

Analytical Instrumentation

  • NMR (300mHz, 400mHz, 500mHz)
  • Mass Spectrometer: Saturn 2200
  • LC-MS
  • GC-MS
  • FT-IR
  • UV-Vis
  • HPLC: Agilent 1100, Waters, Shimadzu
  • GC: Varian CP-3800
  • AAS
  • Elemental analysis
  • LOD
  • Residue on ignition
  • ee% Analysis
  • Optical Rotation
  • Particle size analysis
  • X-ray analysis
  • Karl Fischer
  • Melting point

Raw material sourcing advantage: For information, please click this link.