AcceleDev New Jersey USA

New Jersey Facility, United States

AcceleDev's New Jersey facility employs highly experienced PhD, MS & BS researchers with tens of years of experience in major western pharmaceutical companies. This team is primarily engaged in the design and development of innovative new multi-step chemistry routes, in addition to troubleshooting, optimizing and scaling small scale Medchem procedures. This lab site is capable of rapid, sophisticated R&D work at the milligram scale, but also has the on-site tools necessary to optimize and produce at the multi-kilo scale. This site is well equipped to handle those projects under extreme urgency, & in need of constant highly efficient communication. If those same projects later need further scale-up, our US scientists are also able to work together with our china sites, in a highly efficient way to enable fast/efficient scale-up. Consequently, we are always able to offer a broad range of benefits in the areas of R&D, pilot scale-up & cost reduction of any new program. Our in-house technology & raw material sourcing expertise are also major contributors to our overall industry advantage.

On-Site Equipment and Capabilities

  • 2,000 square feet of lab space
  • 5 stand-up fume hoods
  • 1 extra-large 10ft custom-made walk-in hood
  • 10L, 22L, 30L, and 50L reactors (with accompanying heating and stirring capability)
  • Large Rotovap with 20L distillation flask
  • Recirculating chiller
  • Parr Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus (50 psi)
  • Low temperature(to -80°C); High temperature(to 200°C)
  • ISCO Automated Purification System
  • Normal & Reverse-Phase Chromatography capabilities

Analytical Capabilities (both on-site and contracted)

State of the art equipment allows AcceleDev to produce high quality at high throughput.

  • HPLC
    • Shimadzu & Agilent (in-house)
    • Multiple Analytical Columns: Durashell C18, Atlantis HILIC Silica, Phenomenex Luna Phenyl Hex, Restek Allure PFP Propyl, Sunfire C18, Kinetex HILIC, Atlantis dC18
  • NMR
    • Avance III 500MHz and 800MHz
    • Varian Inova 400MHz
    • NanoBay 300MHz
    • MiniSpec - Bruker 10MHz
  • LC/MS
    • Agilent 6220 Accurate-Mass Time-of-Flight LC/MS
    • Agilent 1100 and 1200 MSD Series Single Quadrupole LC/MS
  • GC-MS
    • Agilent 5975C MSD for GC-MS Analysis
    • Agilent 7200 GC QTOF with 7890C GC
  • Other Spectroscopy
    • Infrared Spectroscopy (IR)
    • Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy (UV-Vis)
    • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
    • Vibrational Spectroscopy
    • Raman Spectroscopy
    • Electronic Spectroscopy
    • Elemental Analysiso Avance

Raw material sourcing advantage: For information, please click this link.