2014 R&D Excellence Award

Project & Chemistry Expertise Summary

Our primary expertise is the research and development of challenging chemistry processes which are 1-20 reaction steps in length. Rather than promote expertise in a specific technology or reaction, our core strength is instead in our ability to skillfully manage each & every piece of the sophisticated chemistry and wide range of conditions required in these types of lengthy routes and new development programs. Our chemists can design the entire route themselves, or simply optimize a literature or customer provided route. Customers often like to start work with us in the very early stages where quantities are small and chemistry undeveloped. Our low production cost base and commercial production capabilities, also make us a supplier of choice for working on a wide range of pilot and commercial production projects as well. In those cases, our clients utilize our ability to design and develop greener, lower-cost processes for their anticipated regular commercial production. This work is performed at both our USA and China sites, and proposals quoted in price per gram kilo, or on FTE basis

Process Design & Custom Synthesis

The AcceleDev owned & core partner sites combine to include over 100 experienced R&D personnel with expertise in custom chemical synthesis. We have years of experience designing creative, multi-step routes to produce high yields of complicated and challenging molecules in a wide range of volumes from milligrams to metric tons. Flexibility in any situation is one of our most well-known assets, and we can comfortably develop chemistry that can meet an urgent requirement, or change focus and investigate hundreds of reaction parameters to fine-tune process efficiency for the future. We are also experienced in the art of impurity profiling, and all the analytical method development and process design required to meet any challenging impurity specification. Our partners gain exceptional value by combining our top-of-the-line process design expertise with our unparalleled pilot- and large-scale production capabilities.

Pilot and Commercial Production

With multiple specialized facilities and over 700 personnel with expertise in production, site management, environmental health and safety, and quality assurance, AcceleDev is an able partner at any step of the production process. We have the equipment and expertise to work at the gram scale for optimization, the kilogram scale for pilot production, and the metric ton scale for full commercial production. Our core network of sites gives us the luxury of having a wide range of specialized production equipment, which allows us to successfully handle a wider range of chemistry processing conditions, and ultimately improves the project cost and lead time for our clients. Our experienced scientists fluently implement both chemical processes we design or optimize ourselves, and pathways that we recieve directly from the customer.

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Advantage

We have been sourcing raw materials in China and qualifying both suppliers and products for more than 20 years. Our raw material sourcing database now holds records on more than 25,000 different molecules and 9,000 different Chinese suppliers. As part of our daily sourcing activities, our China team is required to "qualify suppliers", and place all related information into our company database for future reference. All materials are tested, vendor performance monitored, and results assessed and strictly placed into the database. The result of all these efforts gives us an ability to find local raw materials very quickly, while preventing wasted time in working with unreliable high risk suppliers. This has proven to greatly reduce our internal R&D and production lead times, while giving our teams a greater range of materials and suppliers to choose from. On special request from our close customer-partners, we also perform a customized sourcing and supplier selection service to fit their individual needs for purchasing Chinese materials. This includes material lot-to-lot analysis work, packaging service, factory visits and pre-audits, and full export management including customs clearance and door-to-door delivery.

Technology & Product Experience

Over the course of the 1,000’s of projects performed over the years, we have built-up an extensive amount of knowledge and experience designing, optimizing, and producing chemical processes. Much of our work is under confidentiality protection. However, we do advertise some of the molecules that we have developed, produced, supplied over the years. Though we do also re-supply these, we mostly pride ourselves on primarily being a custom synthesis innovator, focusing on new research & development. As part of our core company philosophy, we hold the highest regard for confidentiality, detailed and regular communication, quality and environmental health and safety. If you would like to see some examples of our research, development and supply over the years, please click the product list links below: