Supply Chain Management

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success

In order to better control and assure critical product timelines, AcceleDev implements a multifaceted approach which includes:

In addition to timelines purposes, we also apply the above principles to control downstream impurity profiles and costs. AcceleDev has made significant investments in raw material quality control and improving various management efficiencies. Since beginning in-house operations in 2006, for custom and bulk production of RM and RSM’s, AcceleDev has established a consistent track record of on-time delivery.

As stricter environmental regulations are enforced, many raw materials have become less widely available. These resulting shortages threaten supply chains. Fortunately access to raw material supply has always been a core AcceleDev strength.

AcceleDev has maintained the industry’s #1 China supply chain management business for 20 years time. Our knowledge of the China market and connection to all regions and areas of chemical raw material supply, is a well-known major advantage to our customers and custom synthesis business.