Suli Pharma Research

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Shanghai Research and Development

Address: Building 10, 3399 Kangxin Road, Century Medicine Park, Pudong District, Shanghai, China, 201318
  • Founded in 2012, expanded in 2019 – newly built 2000m2 state-of-the-art site in the heart of the Shanghai medicine valley
  • Total staff of 40 PhD, MS and BS level chemists
  • 5 PhD chemists with an extensive combined 100 years pharmaceutical R&D experience
  • 9 Large Process R&D labs; 52 total fume hoods
  • Lab Kilo lab containing 7 separate large walk-in fume hood units
  • Large hydrogenation suite with multiple set-ups
  • State-of-the art analytical labs; 4 Highly trained BS Analytical chemists
  • Well-equipped: 7 HPLCs, 1 LC-MS, 2 GCs with headspace, HNMR, GC-MS, IR, ICP-MS, titration, LOD, ROI, Particle-size, etc.
  • Rigorous process safety/HAZOP management systems including Mettler DSC, Swiss SYSTAG Flexy TSC-Sedex, and RC-1
  • Technology strengths
  • Seamless process R&D and pilot scale-up management system; same chemist full manages end-to-end
  • In-process of hiring 10 additional chemists in of support business growth and strategic objectives

  • Services include:
    • Innovative multi-step API process route design
    • FFS and FTE for process research and development of intermediates and APIs
    • Multi-step API process route development
    • Quick supply(grams-kilos) of unique molecules on the API program critical path
    • Impurity studies and synthesis
    • Analytical method development, impurity characterization & quality control
    • Process development and optimization in-preparation for commercial manufacturing