Process Research & Development

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success


Acceledev provides custom synthesis services for small molecule synthetic chemistry research, process development. We offer a comprehensive range of small molecule process chemistry services to support our pharmaceutical partners’ API programs in the preclinical through commercialization phases. These services include process chemistry design, API process research and development, analytical method development, pilot scale-up, and commercial production within high quality multi-purpose facility sites. Acceledev also fully supports our customer’s preferred chemistry, manufacturing and control requirements.

With a 20 year track record of 10,000’s of successfully completed R&D projects, AcceleDev has earned a strong industry reputation as an organization willing to accept and able to complete any type of highly challenging chemistry. This work has also generated a compendium of in-house technology and helped fuel our further growth and organizational expansions, including our rise to 50 highly skilled/experienced organic process chemists and three large commercial China production sites.

Our Services

  • Innovative multi-step API process route design
  • FFS and FTE for process research and development of intermediates and APIs
  • Multi-step API process route development
  • Quick supply(grams-kilos) of unique molecules on the API program critical path
  • Impurity studies and synthesis
  • Analytical method development, impurity characterization & quality control
  • Process development and optimization in-preparation for commercial manufacturing

Our Advantages

  • Process chemists skillful, fast and forward thinking in designing innovative multistep routes.
  • Highly skillful bench process chemists, experienced in achieving high proof of principle success rates under time pressure.
  • 10’000’s of unique technologies, conditions, techniques accumulated and recorded for easy access.
  • Highly unique #1 in industry raw material supply chain management platform.