Process Research & Development

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API Route Design

Acceledev’s team of 50 PhD-BS process chemists have an impressive track record of designing cost effective and efficient synthetic routes to target API molecules. Our chemists are well trained to apply innovative problem-solving techniques at every stage of development. We can partner with you to design and execute a synthetic route design research plan that aligns perfectly with your program’s need and budget.

Working with Acceledev early in the API development life cycle, can help significantly reduce/eliminate the need to redesign / redevelop the process later in the cycle. This saves huge amounts of time & money.

Our team thoroughly assesses safety, efficiency, purity, cost, ease of scale-up, security of raw material supply in the beginning stages of route design. We design an optimal, fit-for-purpose route that can be developed quickly while avoiding the implementation of common obstacles that can later impede fast/efficient scale-up.

  • Our route design generates improved modes of access to unique core scaffolds needed urgently for fast moving preclinical candidates.
  • Focused work on route trouble spots to eliminate downstream delays in chemical scale-up. Our motto is: “a proactive investment in the early-stage nearly always accelerates down-stream activities.”
  • New chemical entities (NCE) require rapid advancement. Speed is a central tenet in early to mid-stage programs. We provide fit-for-purpose (FFP) synthetic route support.
  • Our experienced process team are always ready to design a more efficient route to an intermediate or API target, with the ultimate goal of improving overall efficiency, time cycle production and cost-of-goods (COGs).
  • No matter what situation, we can design, develop, quickly produce and deliver mgs, grams, kilos within any required specification.