Process Research & Development

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success

Early Stage FFS & FTE R&D

Every route has a unique set of challenges. Acceledev can design, develop any approach that best fits the project scope and budget. We provide multiple FTE chemistry research services to virtual companies, as well as big and small western pharmas. We are highly flexible, tailoring our work specifically to the preferences of our customers.

We offer an FFS approach when a project has strong precedent or literature background, without the need for extensive development. For those more challenging research intensive chemistry projects, an FTE approach is employed.

Our FTE chemistry approach is highly flexible, adapting to fast changing project, adding or removing chemistry targets as project priorities evolve. FTEs are charged weekly or monthly and can be relatively short(for example Proof of Concept synthesis) or long term(multiple FTEs with many targets). We consider FTE based synthesis to be a direct extension of your own organization, a true partnership giving you direct contact to our dedicated individuals. Utilizing our FTE synthesis service provides a dedicated team with high level of expertise with technical and productivity enhancements. Moreover, this arrangement secures capacity and resources for as long as the project requires. FTEs offer a high level of integration & customization to meet specific needs, with the added ability to track performance.

Project Management: Our core philosophy is to provide all information openly, honestly and in detail. Our US and China based Senior managers are highly trained in chemistry as well as fluent English communication. We provide weekly detailed R&D updates, and exchange project chemistry ideas and scope changes regularly.