Process Research & Development

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success

Core R&D Facilities

Well equipped, professionally staffed, centrally located R&D sites

  • Three core R&D sites, centrally located for fast/easy access to local support infrastructure
  • Highly flexible, multi-purpose R&D facility space & teams
  • 50 skilled PhD-BS chemists with a wide range of educational training and industry accumulated experience/skills
  • cGMP-like Kilolabs for early phase delivery
  • 10 creative/innovative PhDs, highly skilled in API process route design, process troubleshooting, and having western education and western pharma experience
  • Small scale production vessels from 100ml to 100L
  • Well equipped to handle low temp(to –80°C), high temp(to +250°C), high pressure, chromatography
  • Highly skilled in lengthy multi-step chemistry, hazardous reactions, sensitive processes
  • Creative Analytical chemists expert in expedited method development and impurity characterization
  • Well trained analytical chemists to test/release in-coming raw materials, perform in-process assays and to release intermediates and API