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IP Protection

AcceleDev has worked hard over the years to continuously and strictly follow a core set of internal principles and earn the trust of our customer partners

IP protection is an integral part of our business strategy to build and maintain long-term customer partnerships

We take this very seriously. Trust must be earned, and therefore first and foremost we have an internal ethical code of conduct that we strictly follow and apply to all our daily work.

Some of these AcceleDev core principles are as follows:

  • Integrity and accountability to always providing honest, accurate information
  • Always provide additional, insightful information
  • At the first sign of potential problems, inform our customer partner right away
  • Always work hard to identify the root of a problem and then investigate, design, share a range of solutions
  • Answer each and every customer question urgently and in detail


Our customer partnerships include formally established Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) or Master Services Agreements (MSA) to protect and secure all confidential information.

We strictly follow all agreement terms continuously and apply the requirements across all areas of our business. We also tailor our work and confidentiality individually to any unique levels that our customers require.

Some of our core IP protection principles include:

  • Acceledev personal receive training CDA, MSA terms and principles (direct and indirect)
  • All employees are required to sign and follow strict internal confidentiality agreements
  • All Acceledev sites have internal Master Services Agreements between them, giving blanket IP protection coverage throughout
  • All customer information, project details, and intellectual property is kept in highly secure internal systems
  • Internal access to information requires employee clearance and username/password protection
  • Acceledev computer systems are secured and rigorously protected with a range of cyber security controls