Accelerating, transforming challenge into success

Hello Charlie,

As you are well aware, this past year has been a very challenging one for everyone in our industry.  The Pandemic changed the needs for many companies and introduced a number of challenges to our collective infrastructure and supply chains that has forced all of us to adapt how we do business.

Through it all, I have been thoroughly impressed by the effort and performance of Acceledev.  In May 2020 we came to you with a massive ramp in our demand for our raw material (X) and you were able to rise to the challenge and make 1.6 MT in a relatively short amount of time.  Your flexibility in changing the delivery schedule (sometimes on shorter notice) to meet our changing needs was remarkable and you did a fantastic job of hitting your delivery dates.  Lastly, when we identified a problem with insoluble impurities in your material, you quickly and efficiently figured out the identity of the impurities, the root cause of the impurities, and provided a thorough plan to remedy for future batches.

I cannot express enough how important your team’s flexibility and performance have been in supporting our efforts to help our customers fight the pandemic.

Please keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Benjamin K. 

Customer from Large U.S. CDMO