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AcceleDev Significantly Expands Production Capacity to Meet the Growing Needs of its Pharmaceutical Partner Customer Base

Monmouth Junction, New Jersey – August 5, 2022 – AcceleDev Chemical LLC is pleased to announce the on-track construction progress of our . As previously reported, the capacity expansion initially arose from 3+ prior years of 100% maximized commercial production space. The effectively 10x expansion will increase the total multi-purpose synthesis reaction volume capacity from 60m3 to more than 600m3. This includes significant volume expansions in both high pressure and low temperature operational capabilities. It also includes Quality expansions, 400m3 of RSM qualified capacity and 200m3 of full cGMP capacity. The first phase RSM capacity is expected to be fully up and running by October 2022. The 2nd phase will come on-line in February 2023 and 3rd phase (cGMP capacity) in late-2023. This major expansion will increase AcceleDev’s custom chemistry synthesis services across all core areas including commercial volume capacity, operational and quality level diversity.

AcceleDev specializes in serving the API process research, development, and manufacturing needs of both well-established multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as small emerging pharma and biotech. AcceleDev’s unique platform of in-house technology, specialized services, and highly efficient/responsive internal culture, has become a valuable asset to our customers and their need for a highly trustworthy outsourcing partner. 

“The industry’s exponential growth in outsourced API chemistry process development work, from both big pharma and emerging biotech firms, has certainly created opportunities for well positioned organizations to further expand”, said Charlie Lewis, Founder, Managing Director at AcceleDev Chemical LLC. Lewis continued, “Our investment broadens our capabilities and flexibility in support of our Pharma partners’ needs. Their desire to increase/improve API program development efficiency, while significantly reducing costs without increasing supply chain risk, has significantly increased our number of partnerships over the last 5+ years’ time. Our strategic focus is primarily on expanding our services to add more value to our existing partnerships. This serves as clear a sign showcasing our willingness to develop additional unique capabilities currently lacking in the marketplace.”

About AcceleDev Chemical LLC

is a privately owned US based custom synthesis CDMO with small molecule synthetic chemistry research, process development and commercial scale production facilities located in the US and China. AcceleDev offers a comprehensive range of small molecule process chemistry services in support of our pharmaceutical partner’s API programs that are in the preclinical through commercialization phases. AcceleDev’s services include process chemistry design, API process research and development, analytical method development, pilot scale-up, and commercial production within high quality multi-purpose facility sites. AcceleDev fully supports our partner’s Chemistry, manufacturing and control requirements and provides additional supplemental supply chain management services as well. With a 20-year track record of 1000s successfully completed R&D projects. AcceleDev has earned a strong industry reputation as an organization willing to accept and able to complete any type of highly challenging chemistry. All this work has generated a compendium of in-house technology and helped fuel the company’s business growth and organizational expansions including a rise to 50 highly skilled/experienced organic process chemists and multiple large commercial China production sites. To learn more about AcceleDev, please visit