Chemistry Synthesis Services

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success

Innovative chemistry design, development, production

  • 50 highly skilled group of PhD, MS, BS level synthetic and analytical chemists.
  • Well-equipped, modern R&D labs at multiple sites, US and China.
  • 85 regular fume hoods and 12 large walk-in hoods.
  • Fully supporting design, development, and demonstration of challenging pharmaceutical synthetic routes.
  • Able to support your program from drug discovery through commercial production.
  • We design and develop efficient, cost effective, innovative chemistry procedures.
  • Discovery chemistry – Expedited preparation of complex intermediates and APIs.
  • Preclinical and clinical development – Route development and scale-up of multi-kilo quantities.
  • Highly flexible and able to customize our approach to meet your needs.
  • Exceptional team of Analytical chemists to support route development and impurity identification.
  • Comprehensive array of analytical tools including HPLC, HPLC-MS, GC, GC-MS, H-NMR, C13-NMR, ICP-MS, IR, DSC etc.
  • 5000+ successfully completed custom synthesis projects give us a rich baseline of experience. This gives our customers an advantage, in terms of accelerating their overall pharmaceutical development process.
  • Expertise in a wide variety of synthetic methods and targets including including Grignard reactions , Cross Coupling reactions , Asymmetric Synthesis and Biocatalysis etc. We also have experience preparing a wide variety of unique building blocks, nitrogen Heterocycles , oxygen Heterocycles and complex APIs