AcceleDev Nanjing

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success

Process design, development, lab scale production and supply chain management

Established in 2007

  • Modern and well controlled design, 1,200m2 in size
  • 3rd Floor, Building J4, No. 15 Wanshou Road, Pukou Economy Development Zone, Nanjing City, 211800

  • Designed, governed according to GMP principles; Western Pharma “RSM Approved”
  • Staff of 25, among which 15 are PhD, MS, BS level chemists
  • Western trained PhD site leader and team leaders with a combined 50 years’ pharma R&D chemistry experience
  • 25 large modern fully equipped fume hoods and multiple kilo production suites
  • Hydrogenation suite and chromatography processing suites
  • Well-equipped Analytical lab: multiple HPLCs, GC, NMR, LCMS, GCMS, ICP, CHN, IR, etc and additional nearby analysis centers
  • On-site stability testing: Accelerated and long-term
  • Rigorous seamless “same team”(no hand-offs) scale-up protocol from lab to pilot plant
  • Typical project scope: 5-15 chemistry steps, route design/development, analytical characterization/method development
  • Experienced pharma regulatory filing support
  • 5000+ successfully completed custom synthesis projects, all under urgency