Process Research & Development

Accelerating, transforming challenge into success


Biocatalysis has continued to evolve to become an instrumental component of chemical synthesis. The types of synthetic transformations which are practical and scalable have increased tremendously. Enzymes employ mild reaction conditions (temperature, pH, etc.) and show great selectivity (especially enantioselectivity). Partner with Acceledev to improve the cost of goods, develop new IP, enhance and simplify your process safety, deliver more efficient and “green” chemistry, and create routes to novel molecules. Our multidisciplinary approach tightly integrates biocatalysis tools with our extensive chemistry capabilities to design and optimize the best overall process for your project.

We offer expertise, facilities, experience and execution for assessing, developing and implementing syntheses that benefit from fermentation, biocatalysis, synthetic biology and related approaches. Our team has 10+ years of experience delivering comprehensive program support, from innovative strain/enzyme selection and route scouting to rapid pilot-scale to efficient commercial manufacturing.